The CISO’s toolkit for data driven risk management

Security teams face growing scrutiny from executives.

They need to answer questions about the risk to the business from cyber, the effectiveness of security to protect against threats, and the value security investments are delivering.

Security leaders are frustrated about how difficult it is to get meaningful, timely and accurate insights needed to inform decisions, demonstrate success and justify priorities.

More stakeholders are asking for different information. The finite time of security staff is being eaten up reporting to the Board, auditors, regulators, customers and business partners.

Security and the business are struggling with the same issue: “How do we gain and prove strong control of business risk from cyber?”


The Panaseer Security Data Lake is a big data analytics software platform.

It enables Boards, CISOs, and security teams to gain continuous, joined-up visibility of business risk from cyber.

It delivers value at 3 levels.

Data science modules that provide:

  • Meaningful, timely and accurate data-driven insights that meet strategic, operational and tactical needs.
  • NIST/SANS aligned metrics to demonstrate strong control of risk status and priorities, and reduce audit costs.

An extensible big data analytics platform to:

  • Centralise security-relevant data sets of any volume in an analytics platform built to adapt to changes in your size, needs, complexity and technology eco-system.
  • Solve multiple problem sets for diverse stakeholders using any data analysis technique.

Process integration and automation to:

  • Reduce errors in repeated manual security processes by embedding employee expertise into robust analytics.
  • Automate risk decisions and actions on environment by setting thresholds in metrics that trigger workflows or automation rules when they are reached.

Nik Whitfield, CEO

Founder of Team Panaseer. A computer scientist and security technology entrepreneur, Nik has built advanced cyber security monitoring platforms for the world’s most prominent commercial organisations. He’s worked for over a decade with CISOs of global firms in the US and UK, building behavioural analytics and threat intelligence management tools.

Albert Plattner, Commercial Director

The numbers guy. Al has over 20 years experience in banking and finance; before Panaseer, he was Managing Director at Citigroup Corporate & Investment Bank where he ran EMEA Structured Investment Sales. His 20 year experience at Citi spanned technology, derivative trading and structured investment products and solutions.

Sophie Harrison, Chief of Staff

Sophie is chief of co-ordination and organizer extraordinaire. She manages projects and external relationships for Panaseer. She brings order to the team’s activities so we can delight our customers.

Mike Macintyre, Chief Scientist

Our analytics guru. Mike and his team create and apply advanced data science, computational and analytical techniques to deliver high value, actionable insights for CISOs, security control managers and SOC analysts.

Charaka Goonatilake, CTO

Master of building and engineering Big Data technologies to support all the varied needs security teams have from a big data analytics platform. Expertise in ‘making complex stuff work at enterprise scale’ gained working with 40+ firms, from Financials to Pharma to Military. Specialist in AI and Hadoop-based security analytics.

Doug Graham

Doug is a technology strategist in cyber security. He brings a wealth of experience covering technology startups such as Mozy through to technology giants like EMC. Doug enjoys a peaceful life in Boston.

Steve Micallef

Steve is both a visionary and hands on security technologist. He lives in Zurich and runs security for a mobile banking startup. Steve brings experience of managing cyber security in major corporations such as UBS.

Raffael Marty

Raffy is a cybertech startup CEO and globetrotting resident of San Francisco. He brings experience from roles at major cyber tech firms, and is a world recognised leader in Big Data security visualisation.

Will Neale

Will is the enterprising founder of two excellent digital start-ups, Grabyo and Fonix. He brings amazing first hand experience of creating, leading and growing businesses. Will is based in London.


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