Security Intelligence for the Enterprise

How secure are we?

The global, digital economy offers companies the potential for unprecedented growth.

But the digital world is not 100% secure. 
Regular, publicised hacks are spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

How can security leaders help business leaders see through the FUD to make confident, positive business decisions?

The growing cyber security challenge is well publicised.
Security companies like to use ‘shock and awe’ tactics. But how at risk is your company really? The answer is complex.

Our enterprises have numerous assets which could be of interest to hackers – intellectual property, customer information, critical business processes to name a few.

Because of the FUD we have spent millions on security systems which act in ignorance of one another. We run thousands of different hardwares – laptops, servers, mobile devices and of course the dreaded ‘Internet of Things’.

We are all fallible users who are faced with a growing number of increasingly advanced adversaries.

So when someone asks, “How Secure Are We?”, until now the answer had to be, “It’s complicated”.

The Solution

What is our Adversary’s ROI?

People attack us for a reason - to steal money, steal information, disrupt our business, to embarrass us.

If we understand the benefit they stand to gain, and the cost they incur to get it, we can work out their ROI. If we can disrupt their ROI to below zero, we are significantly more secure


To measure and disrupt our adversaries’ ROI we need to capture information relating to their attack and our defence – we call this Security Intelligence.

Security Intelligence is the data which describes the relevant aspects of our security situation, such as our assets, our controls and monitoring, our vulnerabilities, our likely adversaries, their intent and the tools they are using to exploit us. This is captured in the Panaseer Security Model:

The Panaseer Security Model


There are various ways to disrupt our adversaries’ ROI and each depend on a baseline understanding of our current Security Intelligence.

Once we have baseline Security Intelligence, we can begin to better understand our current performance in each area and begin prioritising activity to disrupt adversary ROI.

For example, prioritising vulnerability patching in order to protect against malware which is known to be used by our adversaries or better understanding our security controls performance such that we can detect attacks earlier and further from our critical assets.

Or predicting new attack vectors through undertaking what-if scenario planning – for example, using data analysis to answer the questions, “What if this organised crime gang starts using this nation state malware? How will our technical vulnerabilities be exposed? Will our controls and monitoring detect the attack? How will this affect the assets they typically target?”

By understanding our data, we can measure and disrupt adversary ROI. Even better, we can now use a simple framework to communicate the state of cyber security to our key stakeholders in the business.

Panaseer® Security Data Lake

Security Intelligence for the Enterprise.

Panaseer® Security Data Lake is the analysis platform which provides Security Leaders with the Security Intelligence to make better decisions, faster.

Panaseer provides beautiful, timely, explorable Security Intelligence to enable better communication with key stakeholders. By doing this, Panaseer drives better security value.


The Panaseer® Security Data Lake is an extensible platform which collects and combines data from multiple sources.

Its open architecture allows new use cases to be developed for varying customer needs. It is designed with flexibility and scale in mind, built on Big Data technology such as Hadoop and Spark. The platform creates a high level, metricised view of the security picture for security leaders and executives.

  • An integrated view of your Security Intelligence
  • Visualisation of performance across each category
  • Navigate from abstract visualisations into raw data
  • Pivot from one category to another
  • What-if scenario planning
  • Fast and effective reporting
  • Extensible into the enterprise
  • Fast installation and integration

Our clients are faced with a growing range of challenges in securing their businesses and operations.

Many can be addressed by better understanding data which already resides within the organisation.


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The Panaseer Team

Cyber Security will soon touch every aspect of our lives. We want to make that a positive experience.

Our team is formed of people who are passionate about making security work for the business. We believe that huge opportunities can be realised by companies which embrace security as a core trait of a business rather than a bolted on afterthought. We believe that data science has incredible benefits to offer the world, and in particular the security and privacy of individuals.

We are hiring! Join our mission.


Mike Macintyre, Chief Scientist

Mike is our analytics guru. His team are responsible for researching, experimenting and applying computational and analytical techniques to derive new insights in cyber security.


Charaka Goonatilake, CTO

Charaka is the brains behind our big data technology. His team lead the way in generating innovative techniques for deriving new security insight for our customers.


Sophie Harrison, Chief of Staff

Sophie is chief of co-ordination and organizer extraordinaire. She manages projects and external relationships for Panaseer. She brings order to the team’s activities so we can delight our customers.


Nik Whitfield, CEO

A globally recognised figure in the field of cyber and financial technology, Nik brings direction and leadership to the team, where he applies his phrase #deservetowin daily.


Raffael Marty

Raffy is a cybertech startup CEO and globetrotting resident of San Francisco. He brings experience from roles at major cyber tech firms, and is a world recognised leader in Big Data security visualisation.


Will Neale

Will is the enterprising founder of two excellent digital start-ups, Grabyo and Fonix. He brings amazing first hand experience of creating, leading and growing businesses. Will is based in London.


Steve Micallef

Steve is both a visionary and hands on security technologist. He lives in Zurich and runs security for a mobile banking startup. Steve brings experience of managing cyber security in major corporations such as UBS.


Doug Graham

Doug is a technology strategist in cyber security. He brings a wealth of experience covering technology startups such as Mozy through to technology giants like EMC. Doug enjoys a peaceful life in Boston.


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