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Data Science Team Grows At Panaseer Labs

At Panaseer we never tire of the argument about what constitutes Big Data, and over the years we’ve heard a lot of banter which makes us shake our heads. The data we see and analyse in the context of Cyber Security clearly fits the definition of ‘Big Data’ but we wanted to take it one step further. So we’ve hired someone that has analysed the Universe! You heard us, the flippin’ Universe. Case closed.

And so with that, Panaseer is delighted to announce that former Oxford, Paris and Munich astrophysicist, Dr Leila Powell, has left the academic life and joined the Panaseer data science team,

“I really enjoyed analysing large datasets, but wanted to find a role where my work would have a more direct real-world impact. Cyber security fits the bill, as it is an issue of ever increasing importance and provides an abundance of interesting data-driven problems to tackle. The use of big data in this field is in its infancy, so it’s an incredibly exciting time for me to get involved.”

In her academic career, Leila used computational and analytics techniques to run and analyse supercomputer simulations in order to study galaxy formation and evolution.

“I’m really excited to join the Panaseer team as I have been impressed with their wealth of cyber security and technical experience combined with a great team culture. Their enthusiasm for driving innovation in cyber security is contagious and I’m looking forward to using data science to help put Panaseer at the cutting-edge of this effort.”

Originally hailing from Wales, Leila’s appointment continues the Panaseer run of recruiting from all corners of the UK, although we clearly didn’t think about the consequences of hiring this avid Welsh rugby fan so close to the Rugby World Cup! But before anyone calls for a UN intervention back at Panaseer labs, we feel assured that Leila’s love of a decent ale means we can try the more traditional route of keeping tensions down with a few Panabeers and if the evening calls, some dancing.

Welcome Leila!

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