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Panaseer BrightTALK Webinar

‘How Secure Are We?’

Presenter: Nik Whitfield, CEO Panaseer
Date 4th Nov, 10am (GMT) – 45 mins

Follow the link to save your seat at our live webinar as Nik Whitfield asks the question, ‘How Secure Are We?’ (The presentation will also be available to view after the event).

“How Secure Are We?” – the question hangs in the air in boardrooms across the world. The Board is asking the CEO. The CEO is asking the CISO. The Security Team is dealing with adaptations of the question from the Business, Risk, Auditors, Regulators, Clients and Partners. No wonder they’re sick of it. No wonder their scarce security professionals are ground down spending half of their waking hours finding data, learning obscure analysis languages, pasting data into overloaded spreadsheets and building PowerPoint decks. After all, surely they should be doing security instead? Maybe they’ll just go double their salary at a firm down the road…

Only for the inevitable feedback, “That means nothing to us – try again!” It’s expensive. It’s happening.

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