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Panaseer BrightTALK Webinar

(mis)Adventures in Data-driven Security: How to Avoid Tragedy & Engineer Success

Presenter: Nik Whitfield, CEO Panaseer
Date 4th Nov, 10am (GMT) – 45 mins

Follow the link to save your seat at our live webinar to hear Nik Whitfield (mis)Adventures in Data-driven Security: How to Avoid Tragedy & Engineer Success. (The presentation will also be available to view after the event).

Data-driven security and security data science are the ‘new hotness’.

CISOs and their operations teams know they need critical insights from their data to measure success, prioritise resources for best result, and disrupt attacker ROI efficiently.

But today, most data-driven security efforts see expensive talent spend their time wading through sewage rather than panning for gold. This wastes time, money and resources.

This session will:

* Quickly tour through problems past and present in gaining high value security insights from data

* Explain what these problems show about how we need to engineer data-driven security approaches to meet use-case needs at best cost

* Give practical examples of how you can use security data science effectively by boiling the kettle, rather than trying to boil the ocean

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